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did some testing with the winter trigger and gloves using the dou45 semi-kriegs. did ok. but really its like anything 'winter' wear. it feels funky. i did a mulligan round at 11oclock.
sight is set for 200 yards. so id did a touch high.
also did the 7mm bubba special. man. i just dont do 'carbines' that well. bore is mint. im thinking i need impossably heavy bullets due to the twist. just a fun gun. i love to try new ideas and get em to work. short, handy, and has a shotgun pattern as soon as it gets warm at all
both ackleys preformed as expected.
check out the waffen on the sight cover.
also shot some pistol. .45 remington 1858 converter and my hideout .380. both ok.
weather sucked, cold and rainy.
ammo was
yugo snipe
ackley 200 gr hollow points, 50 gr varget. im going hotter.
7mm was a medium load with 150gr boattails. shot low!!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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