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So, ALL of the B-barreled M39's and M91's were assembled AFTER WWII? Meaning that from 1940-1944 they just sat in a warehouse or storage site somewhere?

Just seems strange to me that Finland would get these as wartime aid and then do nothing with them until after the war had ended.

Am I missing something?

Mr. Flashy Pants
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All the B barrels were originally M91 length and I believe some were assembled before the end of the war. All the B barrel M39s were made post war by cutting down the M91 barrels. Whether these cut downs were already M91s and then cut down, unassembled barrels that were cut down and then made into M39s, or a combination of both I don't know. I'm sure Brent and Vic can confirm or deny all this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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