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Looks like CMP is REAL busy right now but my paperwork is in and I am in line. There have been some good points made on both sides here but I think that USGI is the way to go. A repo para stock should do the trick although I hear that fitting an individual stock to a gun can sometimes be an issue. The AOs I have seen looked good but I have also heard that there have been issues. Thanks for everyones input.

You wont be sorry, just keep the stock it comes with. I love the way my repro paratrooper looks. It is not as easy/acurate to shoot as a full stock.

On a side note I asked my neighbor who is a ww2 vet from the 101st who saw a lot of combat, if he prefered a folder or full stock. He liked the folder and said the full stock while being much more acurate
and small in its own right compared to a garand, wasnt as easy to cary. He liked the feel of the repro and said the flex at the pivot when shooting it was just like the originals.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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