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you line up for an hour, those that prepaid with a phone app with covid watch walk straight in , show their receipt .
the anti-fudds were around, tried to buy ammo without a shooters licence . Secutity got a couple on covid spacing ,then went to the cops and said they were soliciting ammo without a shooters licence which is an offence under firearm law police took details and ask them to leave .tf the anti's go to the media , they will be charged with the offence . when you apply for a shooters licence , your background check is done in every state you are then on Crimewatch as a gun owner ,
To purchase a firearm you have to have a "permit to acquire" which can be acquired from the state government online or in-person .
As an observation 303 were priced from $400 for a worn-out rusted to $6,000 for an old as new in the wrapping , refurbished converted copies were $700 to $1500 ,
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