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Hi Guys,
I have a question that I thought someone from Oz may be able to answer.
At gun shows where the Police Licensing Unit are present, do they actually process new PTAs? Meaning that you can turn up without previously applying for a PTA and walk out with a rifle?

Thanks for your help.


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Aussie Gun shows:

Varies from state to state. Firstly, the presence at gunshows in a "Show" capacity (and not "Police" presence) of the local Firearms Registry is optional (by the Police); In southern states, it occasionally occurs, more for Public relations and handing out Licence Applications etc.

IN Victoria, with their new Computer assisted Dealer/Registry scheme, they do offer PTA applications on Line, but the actual issue of the PTA is done after the requisite number of days, by Mail.
The whole reason for the PTA is to prevent "in Hot blood" acquisitions of firearms, by introducing a delay (cooling off) period, and allowing the Police to "check out" the person applying ( as to criminal Record, outstanding Warrants, Domestic Violence orders(DVO) etc and actual Licence validitiy). PTA issue time varies from 4-5 days (if one already owns a firearm) and up to 28-56 Days if a first timer, or something "Pops Up" on the database.

What the Police can do is validate a transfer for someone already with a PTA ( but a dealer can do that anyway).

There is a move( after 10 years of excess bureaucracy) to make PTAs subsequent to the first acquisition, a matter of few days or even online, immediate (with the new Dealer-Registry network) just like a US Instant background check system.

It will be well into 2009 before we see any legislative Amendments regarding this and other matters of Firearms Law in the various states of Australia...despite the calls ten years ago for "uniform" "National" gun Laws, they are far from Uniform, and certainly NOT "national".
(Except in their obtuseness and bureaucratic Morass of paperwork.). Acts in Australia come up for statutory reveiw every ten years.

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