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Further information has come to light in the ATK Corporation scandal involving acquisition and destruction of fired brass cartridge cases outside the usual military surplus property channels, in an effort to deny brass to the nation's reloaders. As you recall from my previous postings, ATK is the parent company of Federal Cartridge, RCBS, Speer, Outers, CCI, Weaver, Alliant Powder, and other companies which cater to shooters and hunters. ATK's actions intentionally created a shortage of brass for reloaders, both private and commercial, and was likely a significant reason why ammunition in military calibers has been in such short supply recently.

Senators Baucus and Tester have written a formal letter of inquiry to the DOD requesting explanation of this destruction of brass.. According to Senator Baucus and Tester:

"...according to the 2010 Department of Defense Appropriations Act (Sec. 8019 of PL 111-118), demilitarizing or disposing of small arms ammunition is prohibited, unless the small arms ammunition is certified by the Secretary of the Army or designee as unserviceable or unsafe for further use. The intent of this law is to ensure that once-fired small arms cartridge cases are made available intact in the open market."

See the whole letter here:

Now it appears that ATK's continuing attempts to acquire brass by bypassing the public auction process for surplus military property comprise more than just a sweetheart deal for ATK and a bad deal for the taxpayer and shooters, but actually are a violation of federal law.

Baucus and Tester have demanded an explanation from the Commanding Officer of the Defense Logistics Agency by April 15th.

Looking into these sort of sweetheart deals by defense contractors is often like digging in a graveyard.....the deeper you dig, the worse it stinks. I will keep you posted as I learn more.

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