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Astra 400

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Picked up an Astra 400 today and am sorry I can't post pictures as my camera died. The finish on the pistol is atleast 98%. It looked so good i was afraid it had been refinished but i see no tell-tell signs, all the markings are crisp and there are no strange grind/buff marks. If it has been it is the best I have ever seen.

I called a friend who looked it up for me using the serial range and he said ,,,buy it (at $250) it's a great shooter if it's all wrong at that price. It has the clear plexiglass grips which I associate with WW2 bring backs . Well i get home and looked it up in Jan Still's book and the serial range puts it in the first batch of 1941 with a number of 4500 a second batch followed of 1500 for a total of 6000 going to Nazi Germany . There were of course more pistols in different years.

I took it outside in the natural light after buying it and am still convinced it hasn't been touched,,,.. BUT i noticed the safety is blued. I can't find enough info to tell if they were all in the white and some blued or all n the white and this has been refinished. As I said i see no signs of refinish and like to think I'm getting pretty good at spotting it but as i say ,,,a blued safety?

Can any of you help me please and as soon as I can I will post pictures.

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I think I have seen some Astra 400s that appeared un-touched or un-messed-with, which had Blued Safetys...
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