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Arisaka Type 99 purchased, with a slight twist :)

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Walked into my local shop to purchase a knife I saw on the shelf the other day and browse as I commonly do. Saw this rifle sitting there, quite dusty. Looked it over and saw some interesting things, so I asked what the guy wanted. Since it's my birthday this weekend, he let me have it for $120 out the door. "Score" I'm thinking to myself, so I go home for a thorough cleaning and oiling.


Other side

Ground mum, oh well. Look at that strange notch on the receiver...

Not a last ditch, the series and serial number put it early in 1940 production.

Oh snap, a US Cal .30 marking!

Well, I had no clue until I got the rifle home. It's apparently one of the 130,000 or so Type 99 carbines the US oversaw being converted to .30-06 caliber to be used in the Korean war. This rifle has no import markings either. I ended up buying a very strange, particularly rare (in this country) piece of Korean war history.

It's missing a few screws here and there, but they are on their way already. I couldn't be happier for $120 out the door.
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that receiver notch should have been a dead giveaway at purchase, but I understand why you did not notice it, I have to be carefull when I spot an arisaka too.
arisakas are pretty rare around here, so when I spot one i'm getting into the eager beaver mode.
and when an arisaka shows up, most of the time its one of those, converted to hell what do I care caliber! :eek:
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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