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I recently found out that made near mint T-38 was not a T-38 at all but a T-97 Kokura, made my day. Naturally I wanht to learn more and hope you guys could help out. The Rifle I have in possesion has all bluing, very good compleate stock, MUM has been scratched but is very visable, rifle is missing the monopod, scope, sling, dust cover and bayonet. What is the value on a rifle in this condtion? Where can I find a monopod and scope for this rifle and how much would it cost? Did scopes and thier bases have the same serial numbers as the rifle they where originally attached to at the arsenal? I see many guys have talked about "Vic" and reporting serial numbers to him to match scopes and bases to thier T-97. Any info is helpful. Thanks.
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