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I have the Arisaka T99 Rifle with ser# ending in 426 and the bolt for it is listed above! But theres something interesting in the current bolt in my gun. Ser# is 422 but it dosen't look like any other type 99 bolt. Its plum shaped handle is bent down as if it had a scope on it at one time. and some of the stock is carved out to allow the fit. The rifle actually has tapped holes in the top of the receiver for a scope mount! Mum is still intact although one of the holes is drilled right through the middle of it. I might be interested in acquiring the original bolt for this gun, but am more interested in why this bolt is shaped the way it is. I will post pictures of it below. How do I find out who has the original bolt (#426) listed above? And also can somebody tell me what is going on with my rifle?
Someone sporterized that 33rd series at one time as a hunting rifle. They heated, hammered, bent, and/or welded the original bolt, and clearanced the stock to match.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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