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this list is hopelessly out of date. It is many years old and many of the posters have moved on.

I suggest you just post your wants as another post on the end of this thread.

This is no great loss, as I have yet to help match up even one correct bolt. There are just too many variables to match to get the actual correct bolt, not just a similar number.


Here's a list of bolts folks have reported that they are looking for or are willing to sell or trade. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that in many cases, those that have reported here have bolts that are mismatched to their rifle and may not want to immediately part with their bolt without getting a replacement bolt first. If you are interested in any of these bolts or willing to sell, let me know and I'll pass the sellers/buyers email to you. If you are seeking a bolt or have a mismatched bolt, send in the information and we can list it here. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SELL UNTIL YOU ARE READY! No attempt was made here to catalogue the degree of matching, condition or characteristics. Buyer and seller can do that when they get in touch with each other and they can determine the price. I will keep the contact information confidential and only pass that information along to someone who inquires about a particular bolt. I will add to this list weekly so send me your emails. It will be interesting to see how well this works! (99=Type99;38=Type38;S=seller;B=buyer;K=Kokura;N=Nagoya;T=Toyo Kogyo)

PM or email 03man or BradB with your information or request for a contact.

38B __3J
99S 005 N early
99B 009K
99S 014K
99B 032N
38B 047K
97B 051
99S 052N
99S 062T
99 070 Sn
99S 097?
99B 099N
99S 099N
99B 102N
99S 102N
99B 115N
99B 118HN
99B 146K
99B 151N
99B 162T
99B 170T
99B 171N
38S 176?
99B 177N
99B 201N
99B 220T
99S 220K
99S 227?
99B 253T
38B 254N
38B 272J
99S 308K
99B 309N
99S 309K
38S 311K
99B 315K
99B 318N
99B 328?
99S 333N
99S 335N
99S 336?
99B 337N
99B 362N
99B 366T
99B 377N
99S 380?
38B 384N
99S 397T
99B 408K
99B 415N
99S 421N
99S 423N
99S 426T
38S 432K
99S 439N
99S 443N
38B 442K
99S 445T
99B 446?
99B 460K
99B 471K
99S 473?
30B 473
99B 477K
99S 494T
99S 495N
99B 506N
99B 510T
99B 514N
38B 525K
99S 537T
99B 538N
99S 558N
99S 564T
99S 565?
99B 572T
99B 577N
99B 585N
99B 592N
38S 598K
99S 599T
99B 614N
99S 616K
99S 617?
99B 624K
97S 636N
99B 638K
99B 639N
99B 642N
99B 671HN
99B 681K
99B 682 N early
99B 687K
99B 687N
99B 701N
99B 705T
99B 706K
99S 707T
99B 723K
99B 730N
99B 732N
99B 771N
99B 785N
99B 799N
99B 818K
99B 824T
99B 856T
99S 864K
99B 868N
99B 873K
99S 877K
99B 892N
99S 923N
99S 933K
99B 935N
38B 960K
99B 966N
99B 973N
99B 975T
99S 982K
44B 919K
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One must look at the proofs on the bolt root.

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Looking for late war Nagoyo series 8 #527 I have in the rifle an earlier war plum handle bolt #888 there is a number 4 on the bolt handle.
The "4" is actually a "se" inspection, and indicates Kokura mfg.

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#473 was listed by:
[email protected] "powderburn11" - Derek

Contact him to see if he still has it.
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