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Argentenian Mahely M-21 Carabina....PLEASE HELP

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I was recently given a Mahely M-21 Carabina, with no magazine, by a family member. He gave it to me because he couldn't find a magazine for it. I've been looking all over the web for a mag to no avail. I was refered to this site by a member of another forum in hopes someone on here could help me out. If anyone has or knows where to get the mag for this rifle or know if a mag from a diferent rifle would work please let me know. Thanks
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Welcome to the forum, Brandon.

I can't help you, but keep checking back, as there is a gentleman from Argentina who posts here often, named Raul. He might have the information you need.
Raul is the one who I was told on the RimFire boards that may be able to help....Thanks for the welcome
Hi Brandon, I'll look around for the Mahely magazine, cant say if the company is still in business, as soon as I find something ít will be posted here-
Thank you sir, I hope you find something.
Noone else knows anything about these? I found a website with what I believe is the correct mag but the language barrier is killing me on this. Here's the link if you read Spanish check it out and let me know what it says:
I've found the mahely factory and sent them an email asking for the magazine, they did not answer yet, about the site you've found they are offering a Mahely magazine, but I dont know if it is the correct one for your M21, tomorrow is a holiday but onthursday I'll call them-
Thanks Raul....your help is greatly appreciated....
Brandon, we were not lucky with either your site or mine, I emailed to the site you've found no answer yet and phoned the Mahely factory, the have a page, but the phone number belongs to other people, called the phone company and they gave me the same number I had..friends are searching in the market for a used magazine.
Raul Thanks again for your help sir, and thank your friends for me as well. I was told these guns are fairly common in gun stores down there so hopefully something will come up. Thanks again for your help.
Brandon, it is true they are not collectibles, but they were manufactured long ago, so magazines are not abundant, I'll keep searching=
Brandon, you can have a good night sleep...I have your 20 round Mahely magazine in my hand, got it from a gun collectors club that had one for sale-Send me a private msge with your data and I'll ship it to you-
Raul I tried to send you a private message and it said you're not recieving PM's.....if you PM me I can give you my info so you can send the Mahely magazine. Thanks again for all of your help.....if you've got a Paypal account I'll gladly re-emburse your for the cost of the magazine and cover the shipping.
Brandon I've sent you a couple of PMs and opened the possibility of receiving PMs myself
hello all i am looking for eather a mahely 22lr model m-21 firing pin or a picture of it and the spring order if you have one and could please send me a pic of it so i can make one up for mine i would be most grate full. or if you have a parts gun mahely i may take off your hands. thank you all and god bless.

thank you
michael galli
[email protected]
Hi everybody,
I first introduce myself.
I'm now 69. I'm living in Belgium, near Brussels, in the city of Waterloo well known as a great historic battlefield.
I found this forum when I tryed to find informations for a friend about Mahely .22.
Since your last post, maybe you have found a solution but I must tell you here something interesting for all owners of this rifle.
Here the story:
The action lever of my friend's rifle (a second hand one) was inverted and he came to me for having some help to unmount the rifle.
My first trouble was the fact that the mechanism of the Mahely was identical (or very near for many parts) of the mechanism of my owned Erma M1 .22 (a german copy of the well known M1 .30)
If it is possible for you, try to find somebody who own an Erma for testing his magazine in your Mahely.
(maybe it could be better to test it with only the inside part of the mag., without the lower part, imitating a real M1 mag.)
If it passes the test, please find here a very good seller of gun parts in Germany:
and here the page of the Erma M1:

I have already needed to deal with (for a firing pin Erma M1) and they are very serious top sellers.
All is done by means of a secured shipping immediately after receiving payment.
Hoping to help you this way,
I remain, Best regards,


N.B: Please, sorry for my bad written english. I've learn it ony 6 months...
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