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Well I'm on propane and have been without electricty for up to a week. No issues. Modern wall furnaces continue to cycle on and off with no electrical connection (I'm embarassed to admit I don't know how that works - but it does). Stove - I needed to light it manually with no electricity - no biggie. Gas powered water heater - doesn't need electricity either. I have a hand crank radio. No TV - who really cares? No gunboards - well that bummed me out a bit....but basically no worries, except keeping food cold. You don't absolutely need that - you can always go with canned and fresh food. There must be some way around the problem that's cheaper and more reliable than wind....BTW, as far as cooking, keep your outdoor gas grill filled and you've got 60-80 meals worth of fuel. As far as communications in the event phone is out - there's always satelite internet, and there are cheap portable solar systems that will at least power a satelite box. A laptop can be charged off of a car battery if you have a cigarrette lighter adapter. All cheaper than a windmill, if you're not trying to go it alone for months or years. Of course I live in California, so there's a limit to just how severe the elements can get.
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