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Are these 43 Egyptian?

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Found these while cleaning out an estate. Any thoughts? C.R and C-90 in raised letters on the rim.
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M1870 Vetterli Cartridges, Italian, Cal.10,4x47R Originally Black Powder. Cases made 1890, Cartridges assembled and packed 1891, at Army Pyrotechnic Plant, Capua, Italy. Case Inspector "C.R." ( name reversed). Packaging Inspector "D.G."

Bullet Copper/Brass Coated, Boxer Primed Case. For use in Both Vetterli M1870 (Single shot) and Vetterli-Vitali M70/87 Magazine Rifle, and Gatling/ Gardner? and Maxim machineguns.

Nice, Collectible item (open packets and sealed packets). Goes well with relative Rifles, Carbines and TS. (Short Rifles). I doubt any of the MGs still exist outside specialist Museums.

Doc AV
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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