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Are the Ishapore No 1Mk 3 .303s in the 1960s

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of declining quality compared to the early ones built under British Commonweatlh ? I saw one made n 1963 with square front sight guard. I know these were made just before they proceeded with 2As in .7.62 NATO round.
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1963 ? they we're still producing 'quality' rifles into the late 80s

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I have a 1964 but it is a .308.Great rifle!
I have a '63 SMLE made in India in .303. All matching, not much blue left, but it has an excellent bore. Bagged my first deer with it last year and it shot right where I wanted it to. I was noticing one day that the receiver had a small stamp of the crown with G.R.I. under it, meaning it was made before India's independence. The barrel, however, has the post British mark. My assumption is that this rifle was old and busted and then reworked in 1963. The rifle also has an FR mark under the safety mechanism. It's my only SMLE, so I have nothing to compare it to as far as quality is concerned.
I have a '70 and '72 in .303" - still looking for one from the 80s batch.
As I understand it (from memory) .303 production tailed off in the early 1960s, replaced with 2As and 2A1s in 7.62mm in mid-late 60s (although I suspect there was a constant FTR programme which will complicate things), restarted .303 production in early-mid 70s (up to 1974?) and a small run in the early/mid 80s.
I don't think I have see (m)any mid-late 60s dated rifles in .303 but will bow to others with greater knowledge.
I have found that the Indian made rifles are excellent shooters. Fit and finish leaves a lot to be desired, but they are battle rifles after all. I have a 1987 that is in like-new condition. It shoots great.
My Ishapor is what lead me to this forum. It's dated 1970 and except for the rack/handling marks on the wood looks unfired. Really! Fit and finish seems to easily be as good as any of my English guns, but of course it wasn't made under "rushed" conditions. I loaded some cast lead rounds and it shoots right where you point it.
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