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Archival Photos featuring the Mosin nagant & Other Soviet Arms & More! (56k death)

Updating constantly... check back OFTEN:thumbsup:

Snipers Catherine Golovakha (on the left) and Nina Kovalenko (on the right).
Nina Kovalenko killed 100 fascist occupants.

Pavlichenko would “go hunting” either alone or with Leonid Kutsenko – who joined the division together with her – everyday at dawn lying still for hours or days waiting for an enemy. She often emerged the victor fighting a duel with German snipers.

A Battalion of Death warrior on duty, Petrograd, 1917.

Marching female snipers. Podolsk, 1944.

Snipers Razumova and Dolgopalova, 1943.

Holder of orders, sniper Yevdokia Motina, 1943.

Snipers of the 33rd Army of the Byelorussian Front.

Sniper Rosa Shanina (1924—1945) and her commander A. Balaev.

A sniper of the 1st Baltic Front, 1944.

Roza Shanina killed 75 fascists. She persisted on joining the army even though she was 16. She took sniper classes and made her first sniper kill in 1944. She died in a battle on January 28th, 1945.

Lyubov Makarova killed 84 fascists. After the war’s end, she returned to Perm, her hometown.

Nina Lobkovskaya killed 89 enemies making her first kill as a sniper in 1943.

Nina Petrova was born in 1893 so by the time WWII began she turned 48 and was not subject to the draft. Yet she joined the army and killed 122 fascists. She died in a car accident on May 1st, 1945.

Red Army soldiers are capturing the destroyed German tank Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf F-2. The tank does not have a bow gun.

Soviet liberators of Crimean village are at the North Causasian front, 1943.

The Soviet tankman is on the captured German tank Pz.Kpfw IV in Vladikavkaz.

Gizel village, the Vladikavkaz region, where the attack of the German troops in the North Caucasus was stopped. 7th of November, 1942.

Besieged Leningrad

Update - sorry no captions found for these:

Soviet troops at Smolensk, Russia, 1 Jul 1941; note PPSh-41 and Mosin-Nagant weapons

Russian troops fighting in Berlin, Germany, circa Apr-May 1945; note Mosin-Nagant M1944 Carbine and Degtyaryov Pekhotny 'DP' light machine gun

Byelorussian guerillas posing in a forest, circa 1943; note PPD-40 submachine gun, Mosin-Nagant M1891 rifle, and German bayone

Militia/workers of the Kirov Factory and Soviet naval infantrymen on a bridge near the factory, Leningrad, Russia, 1 Apr 1942

Soviet officer reading attack orders to his men, Eastern Front, date unknown; note PPSh-41 submachine guns

Soviet soldier waving a red flag at a building off the central square in Stalingrad, Russia, Jan-Feb 1943

Soviet signal troops laying cables, Eastern Front, date unknown

Soviet troops charging near Leningrad, Russia, 1 Jan 1943; note PPD submachine gun

^ added this one because i find it fascinating : Captured German Ju 88 aircraft on display in Sverdlov Square, Moscow, Russia, 15 Aug 1941

Soviet 85 mm M1939 (52-K) anti-aircraft guns at Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia, 28 Jul 1941

Recruits leave for front during mobilization

Soviet snipers moving amongst ruined buildings in Stalingrad, Russia, 1 Dec 1942

Soviet naval infantry signal troops setting up communication wires, Stalingrad, Russia, 1 Aug 1942

Female aircraft spotters on the roof of a Leningrad building, Russia, May 1942

Female workers in a factory in Leningrad, Russia, 1 Jan 1942


Soldiers of the Soviet Voroshilov Regiment in training, Moscow, Russia, 30 Aug 1941

Machine gunners of Soviet 20th Army on the Dnieper River near Dorogobuzh, Russia, 1 Sep 1941

Soviet troops fighting near Moscow, Russia, 21 Sep 1941

Soviet troops capturing a German forward position at Vitovka near Bryansk, Russia, 30 Sep 1941

Soviet sailors marching in Leningrad, Russia, 1 Oct 1941

Rifle lessons in Soviet universal military training, Moscow, Russia, Oct-Dec 1941

A German soldier being captured, near Moscow, Russia, 1 Dec 1941

Soviet cavalry entering a Russian town, 15 Dec 1941

Soviet officers inspecting captured German troops and weapons, near Moscow, Russia, 20 Dec 1941

Soviet sappers disarming a mine, 1941-1945

Soviet naval infantrymen flying the navy ensign at Port Arthur (Ryojun or Lushunkou), Liaoning, China, 1 Oct 1945

Three Soviet soldiers taking a break from fighting while a fourth stood guard, Byelorussia, 1 Apr 1944

A Soviet soldier walking along a road in Russia, 1 Aug 1943; note field gun in background

Soviet PTRD-41 anti-tank gun and crew near Kursk, Russia, 20 Jul 1943

Soviet Baltic Fleet sailors with orphan Lucy, Leningrad, Russia, May 1943

^Note the handmade mosin nagant rifle on the little girl.

Soviet sniper Ekaterina Nikiforova Nikiforovna speaking to female sniper trainees, 1 Apr 1943

Soviet troops marching in the countryside, Russia, date unknown

Russian farmers symbolically handing over KV-1S tanks built with their donations to Soviet tankers, Moscow, Russia, 10 Dec 1942

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This one's my current favorite because of the humorously incongruous mix of weapons, troops and...cow.


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Very interesting photos, thanks for posting. A nice mix of dates and headgear: 1936 helmets, 1940 helmets, pilotkas, ushankas, and even budënovkas on the SVT-40 equipped cavalry troopers.

The "field gun" is a Soviet 45mm Model 1937 AT gun.

I concur that the first photo with the Mauser-armed Mongol-looking Central Asian soldier in the front flanked by the more saliently European Russian-looking soldiers in steel helmets "near Smolensk" does not look like July 1941 to me... The PPSh41 would not have been around just then. Admittedly, they are wearing the Model 1935 uniform, which would be typical in the earlier years of the war. Note the cartridge pouches? Looks like the guy with the Dragoon with the inverted bayonet at the muzzle has three-pouch cartridge boxes--German?--while the short guy in the big steel helmet has some that look for all the world like the more recently constructed pouches that come with the so-called "refurbs."

man, those German prisoners have got to be thinking a) "am I gonna survive? How long?" and b) "Ach du lieber! How many times are they going to make me do separate 'takes' of me surrendering to get the best photo-op for the Soviet press?!"
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