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I have over 15,000 rounds of the stuff...(10 crates plus); it is all "Click some bang, Click no-#$%^&-Bang.

I pull it a bit at a time, replace the Berdan primers, with New Vihthavuori .217 Berdan, reload ( easy, the charge is 3 grams exactly) and fire with good results. Otherwise, "If I am Feeling Lucky" I leave it out in the hot sun, then use it for "Hold-over" practice...( the "Hang fire")...good rifle shooting discipline.

Brass is reasonable ( reloads well) Powder is A-OK, Bullets fly straight...only the Primers seem to be "built-in obsolescence" just like French primers...and in fact, early Syrian Production (1950s) Used French-made Primers)

Doc AV
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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