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I have talked about this rifle several times lately but not until today did I actually get a chance to snap a few pics of it. This is a Russian Captured K98 with an AR (Berlin-Borsigwalde) 43 receiver and a CYW barrel. It was purchased in late July for $185 from InterOrdnance during the Gunboards group buy. The metal is in very mice shape and has as expected undergone arsenal refinishing. The stock is laminated with white glue and the handguard is laminated with red glue. Both wood pieces match rather well thanks to a light coat of Soviet shellac which I intend to leave on the rifle as a part of its history. The bolt is a complete mismatch but works fine in the rifle. The triggerguard appears to have been used on an old Gew.98 and the floorplate bears a WaA77 (Steyr-Daimler-Puch) IIRC. It is important to mention that IO was kind enough to allow me to request a cupped buttplate at no extra charge. The rifle did arrive with a generous coating of cosmoline but it seems to have done its job well as no rust was found upon initial inspection and mineral spirits melted the cosmo right off. Under the cosmoline/shellac, the stock seems to be rather dry and will likely require a light application of oil very soon. All things considered, this was a very good deal and hopefully IO offers the deal again sometime soon. The bayonet pictured on the rifle was brought back by my now deceased great-grandfather who served throughout France and Germany in WWII. It is an ASW 44 with s/n 1815 aa and features a matching scabbard. When I first showed my grandfather (who served in the PTO in WWII) the rifle, he found it to be very cool and as soon as I mounted the bayonet he exclaimed, "I like this thing, it looks mean!". The ammo crate and book along with the patch (actually a repo, but same design) and the M3 trench knife were carried by him in the PTO. The shelf was built several years ago by him so I found it awesome that I could display a collection which was inspired by him on a shelf that he himself built. It has been amazing being able to share my findings and learn from him. Hopefully with him at 81 years of age, we still have a lot of fun times ahead. Without further ado, here are some pics:

Pics from the Pacific: (Sorta OT I know)

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