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The Kak Industries ( buffer tube and a 10.5 inch barrel will put a pistol at 26.5 inches. They also make spacers for the buffer tube that will adjust the Sig brace out a little farther but it does nothing for overall length as far as the ATF is concerned.

If your not set on a vertical grip and will use a Magpul angled fore grip, you can put it on any length pistol. Also, a more vertical receiver pistol grip, like the Magpul K grip, will make the pistol handle better with a SB15 brace. I don't know if you have tried the brace with it strapped to your arm, but it is extremely difficult to use the sights with the pistol held vertical. Holding the pistol sideways though makes it much easier to line up the sights or just put the brace up against your shoulder like everyone else does.

Check out the ballistics on the 300 Black Out in different barrel lengths. It performs well out of a short barrel, better than 5.56.
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