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I am am not sure about this, but I seem to recall that if you add the vertical grip you are going to have problems with the ATF. That is is not considered a pistol, in your case it would be a unlicensed SBR without a stock or other destructive device? You might want to check on that

For the best reliability I'm hearing 10.5 inch or longer is best, an 11.5 with a decent buffer tube puts me over 26 inches OAL which ought to allow me to run a vertical forward pistol grip, but then something about a pistol ought to be short (7.5 inch barrel) appeals to me as well...

Decisions, decisions... :)

What says the board, which would you get? BTW this will be a build and not something bought so if anyone has recommendations for buffer tube length and the buffer to run that would be appreciated as well.
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