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Aquired New Arisaka with very short cleaning rod

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I just aquired a new Type 99 (I think) with matching numbers and a complete mum. It has a cleaning rod that is not full length. It is 4-3/4" long and screws into the stock under the muzzle. I have never seen this type of cleaning rod in and Arisaka before. Can anyone tell me more about this variant.
Thanks Ralph

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Got one just like it on my sniper rifle.
It's actually not that uncommon. Nagoya Series 5,6,7 Izawa series 9, Howa Series 9, Kokura series 24, 25 Toyo Kogyo series 32,33,34 and TJK series 37 all had these short rods that screw in. It's all part of the transition to save metal and improve production time.

Good score, give us more vitals on the gun. What series and arsenal?
I belive it is a Howa Jyuko and it is not in the best condition but it is all there accept for a portion of the rear sight. It is serial number 49185 and has some Japanese characters on the butt stock that are partialy gone. Picked it up along with the bayonet, a 1917 Eddystone and a 1905 Springfield bayonet this morning. I got a heck of a deal.
Post some pics of the rifle if you can, early howas are tough to find rifles. Howa started production in the 9th series sometime just short of 50k.

I'll try to get a few more when I have time.
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I'd love to see some more pics. That looks like a nice one. I love the painted buttstocks, too!! I have one rifle, and one bayonet painted. I'd like to find more.
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