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The April Vintage Long-Range Military Rifle Match was held last weekend at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center and the Swiss rifles gave a good account of themselves. The match is a 40 round affair consisting of 10 rounds fired at 300, 500, 600 and 800 yards off a soft front rest. Two classes, "as issued" and "open", with prizes in various "as issued" categories (Swiss, Springfield, Mauser, Mosin, etc) if there are enough shooters in a category. "Open" is pretty much anything goes, as long as the action is military and the stock is wood. Open class rifles are generally scoped, but the "open class" winner this match was using a Swede M96 with Swedish diopter sights.

We had everything from a Russian M44 in "as issued" to a Kreiger barrelled VZ-24 in 7.62x39 with a 5-15 mil-dot scope in "open" class.

My younger son won the Swiss "as issued" category with his favorite K31 and GP11 ammo. He shot a 358/400-2X. I was second at 345/400-4X with my 1911. My older son was shooting an 09 Argy Mauser with Prvi ammo that didn't work out very well for him (250/400) He has done much better in the past with the Argy and my handloads (40 grains of IMR 4064/174 grain .311 SMK), but last week I stuck a case in my 7.65 sizing die and it is REALLY stuck--hence the Prvi ammo.

Overall match winner (has to come from the "as issued" rifles) was shooting an 03A3..shot a 361/400-3X...3 more than my son.

Overall match results...
View attachment pdfapr-12 match results.pd.pdf
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