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.I am more at home in the Lee Enfield and Swedish Mauser Forums here than the Italian rifle one. However, I attended a Surplus rifle sale, and ended up with this m70/87/15 rifle. The interesting thing is that it does not have the bolt lock / magazine cut-off lever although it has the rest of the 87 modifications. On the left side of the receiver is stamped the number 154. Anybody have any very early m/70/87 modifications that do not have the bolt lock?Also, there is an oval slot milled into the left side of the receiver?.Rifle
.AOI pix
.action right
.action left
.lock/mag cutoff mods
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Photo obviuosly?? from East Africa ( large "Cactus" ( prickly pear) in background---although they also grow in Southern Italy.)

LMG is the early M1926 Breda with Spade grips and Butt...the common M1930 had no spades, just a Pistolgrip.
Single Infantry-type Cartridge Pouch ( 2x18 rounds) and Shortened Vetterli Bayonets. Cant tell what unit or Corps they are from the "Mostrine" Collar Tabs), but the Cap badge looks like Infantry.

Postage stamp (AOI) 1936-41, in Italian, Arabic and Amhara script. These AOI, Eritrea and Somalia Postage stamps were quite common, and undervalued, as the Post war gov't released lots of Mint, Unissued stamps to philatelists and stamp dealers after the War (1950s)...what does fetch money is Stamped and Cancelled Covers from East Africa, especially the "Airmail" covers of 1940-41 (The only communication between Italy and AOI, as the Suez canal was closed by the war.).

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The slot on the left side of the receiver is for a "butterfly - shaped" spring that provides tension to the magazine cutoff/disassembly ring. When the ring was removed from the rifle, so was the flat spring. Good luck finding one. SW
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