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Any idea what kind of gun or magazine can accept the 7.62x25 stripper clips? Also shot some commercial S&B Hollow point 7.62x25 from the insert today; like I said the recoil is non-existent, accuracy wise is left to be desired. Iron sight isn't calibrated for the 7.62x25 for sure(100 m the rounds are hitting way low); using some off target aiming at 100m rounds are hitting the target consistently, but can't do a group because I have to aim above the target so I cant see the target. At 200m I just stopped trying to do aimed shots and simply watch the bullets hit the berm. Bottomline the 7.62x25 out of a mosin nagant rifle can hit man sized targets at 100m and at 200m the rounds are still impacting with lethal force.
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