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Anyone remember Firecracker Films

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I posted about them wanting to film me and my family last year. supposdly they were doing a fair documentry on gun ownership and families that shoot together.

I followed up on their web to see what had happened and this is what I found:

This is their intro. I can't get the film clip to download, but i think the description says it all.

Provocative and explosive, this character-led documentary follows families that live to pull the trigger. These parents are passionate about guns, the bigger the better, and are eagerly training their children to use them whether they like it or not. Visually stunning, the film travels across the US to go shootin' with gun-toting tots, from Arizona to Alabama. But in this most armed society in the world, where eight young people are shot dead every day, is it ever ok for small children to have such hearty appetites for big firepower?

Edited to add that I turned them down because I smelled a big fat lying rat.
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I'd have been suspicious from the moment they opened their mouths...
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