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Anyone reload these kinds of cases?

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Not sure what they are or what they are called. I suspect they are some sort of alloy, or maybe copper coated steel.... Picture below:

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Wondering if they are usable fore reloading or if they will damage my dies. I can always buy some new brass, but since I have oodles of boxes of this stuff wondering if I can recycle. Anyone have any experience with it?
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Someone here did a study that I remember quite well on how long steel cases last as opposed to the brass in normal reloading and found virtually no difference. I reload steel in 7.62x39 regularly. I do find a cracked case here and there but I generally shoot more 7.62x39 than any other round as all those rifles are high capacity semi's and my others are mainly bolts. No problem here if you are inspecting as you should any case.
I use Lee's regular dies for the 7.62x39. I have yet to notice any wear, but I'm pretty anal when it comes to cleaning and lube. All the brass gets tumbled in corn media when I come home from the range. I lube on an RCBS pad with the old style lube, before full length sizing. The I polish them with corn media and with some Nu-Finish polish in the mix. The shellac is all gone by the second reload, they almost look chrome due to the polishing. I've had no ejection issues with the AK or the SKS. I'm probably not saving any money, but it keeps me occupied and I can fine tune a load, especially for the Yugo SKS. It likes a factory type load as opposed the the AK, which shoots fine with lighter loads. With the amount of people shooting this load, casings are abundant at the range, but I use a brass catcher to help keep mine as best i can.
Rerpriming with Berdan. I use the hydraulic decappers found on fleabay. Takes a bit of practice but I don't get wet anymore and the decapping rod rarely gets stuck anymore. I use a 3lb. lump hammer and really short stroke it. One of these days I'll invest in an RCBS decapper as I do many Berdan cases. I'm still looking for a contact in Europe to try to get primers for 7.62x54. I have a lawyer friend that imports Vodka from Russia, but I can't seem to get his ear for long enough.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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