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I was just thinking about Len a few weeks ago when I was looking at a Finn M39 he sold me. Back in the mid to late ‘90s I purchased quite a few nice pieces from Len and his wife. Rita, was her name if I’m not mistaken. They were very nice people. It was during this same time period when Len was active on Tuco’s. Whenever I saw them at the gun shows I would make their tables my rest spot. They graciously allowed me to stow all my purchases beneath their tables while I raced up and down the rows in search of more treasures.

Len stopped posting on the forum about twenty years ago and I think the last time I saw him at a show was about fifteen years ago.

Len had a home somewhere downstate and a summer place in Lake George Village where I visited him a couple of times. My family also has a home at the Lake so I am there most weekends in the summer. About ten or twelve years ago I was taking my nieces and nephews to the Village and we ended up parking next to Len’s house. It looked vacant and for reasons I can’t remember now I got the distinct feeling that they sold it.

In short, like so many of the Tuco’s and Gun Boards early forum members, Len simply disappeared. I hope he and Rita are well.
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