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anyone ever see on of these?

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I've seen many three cell Chinese chest rigs but never a six.
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Sure....they used to ship with the Kengs import Polytech AK's. I got one with mine. I bought it in 86 or 87 in kommiefornia.

Own several of them.
in 20 + years its the first I've ever seen. I need to get out more.
The 6 mag chest pouch is harder to find but not exactly rare IMO, the are much heavier then the 3 mag chest pouch and don't carry as well IMO. I have one but seldom use it.
My bad, I'm on my mobile and didn't look closely. That's the first six cell I've seen. Three seems to be the standard, but there are also fours, too.
I'm starting to question now if more of the three-cell pouches I've seen in images from the middle east and central Asia weren't actually six mag versions.

Also, I wonder where the varied mag carrier rigs (and plate carriers) you see in use by rebels in Syria originate from.
I prefer the 4-banger; not as heavy or bulky...........there's enough of me for that!
I have the old SKS canvas chest rig for stripper clips.
Official VC and PLA issue, with wooden toggles, works great, and still gets attention from those who remember such things at the range.

I bought a few East German surplus "rain pattern camo" AK pouches cheap off eBay that have worked well for three mags.
I have the stripper clip chest rigs also. one with toggles but also three with tie straps. I won an auction for Chinese gear a while back, gas mask bags, type 84 chest rig, the works. very cheap too.
Have to be a dwarf for the stuff to fit .
Have to be a dwarf for the stuff to fit .
I'm 6'2" and 200lbs, mine fits alright.
I may be bald with a beard and have hairy knuckles, but at 5'9" and 220#, I am sorta far from being a dwarf!
Mine musta shrunk in the wash then . It's kid sized
I had to go with something more substantial and a better fit . Weight is a slight factor at 40 pounds without load
yugo m98A level 3 .class three plates with anti spall layer

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Vladimir, I have some of those pouches but in OD green.
Vladimir, I have some of those pouches but in OD green.
They have a wire clip on back? I've seen olive drab ones but only camo color for the bulletproof vests .
I have a six cell ;) Can't beat $15 shipped from China for a quality chest rig. Works great for my VZ mags

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