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I like it. 69 was a great year. I sold my 55 Chevy for $200 about that time and got a 66 Chevelle 396/360HP SS about that time($800). I was still 16. The Chevelle was a sweat heart but was rode hard and put up wet. I had the engine rebuilt, new 780 Holley, headers. It would move!! Traded it for a 69 Camaro 396/325HP RS/SS. Beautiful car but slow until I removed the smog stuff, added an Edelbrock tourker intake, Black Jack headers, lake traction bars, 60 series tires and a Holley 800 double pumper. Traded that for 61 vette and that for a 1957 Vette which I still have. Those were the good ole days. Of course I made about $425 per month as an Sgt. E-5 SF medic(1975) so $2295 for the Camaro(made $1.60 per hour in late 71) was serious money in 1971. Now the Camaro would bring over $50,000 and the Vette about twice that.
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