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Anybody got a spare firing pin housing?

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Does anyone have a spare firing pin housing they could sell me for my C-series AC44 G43?

The back end of my housing currently has a huge vertical crack through the hole for the crosspin that retains the firing pin, which threatens imminent failure.

It happend when I fired some Turkish 8mm through the rifle before I knew any better about the stuff.

If you do have a part you can spare, please PM me with the price and other details.
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There is a guy selling reproductions on e**y - I got one for less than 50 bucks, have not tried it, doubt I will.

He was selling another one (along with numerous other spare repro parts) after I got this one, so he did seem to have a supply of them. I am wondering who was making these parts. Will probably only test these parts when something I own breaks.

The guy who bought the next one, got it for a cheaper price then I paid.

I bought a number of items off e**y from that person, they all look good to me - his buttplates - save for the missing indent on the latch, look very good - his aging of them kinda bothers me though. He looks like a very good source for needed parts at a reasonable price. It took a little less than a month for the parts to reach me.


You probably already know, but if you are gonna keep shooting a G43 - have you installed a shooter's kit on it?

Good Luck
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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