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Over lunch today, I stopped by a yard sale and purchased a nice old Mannlicher sporting rifle. Overall the condition is quite good although there is a crack in the wrist of the stock which has an old repair. Of course is it not marked as to the caliber and I need some help in trying to figure that out as well as determine if brass and dies are available to reload for it.

The rifle is carbine length, short fore end stock, leaf type express sight, double set triggers, cartridge trap in the butt stock. It is set up for a claw type scope mount but the mount is missing. Bore is very good and appears to be 7.62 or 8mm.

The receiver bridge is marked:

M 1903

Side of the receiver is marked:

Oester Waffenfabr. Ges. Steyr

Any help would be apprciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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