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Any info on this centerfire offered AK in 7.62x39?

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Never seen it before, doesn't say if it has a chrome lined bore, but it has a dimpled reciever. Its not a wasr.....any ideas? What is it made out of? Also does not appear to mention a bayo lug, but looks to have one in the pics.....anyone bought one?
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Wonder what the romanian parts are from? G kits? Or something else? I too do not like the cheap tiawan wood either.......not sure about one has bought one yet?
wonder why people are already so down on it? Haven't heard a single report from anyone who has ordered one......I am going to offload my mauser and a yugo sks, and pick up one MAYBE....I am also thinking that for 40 bucks more I can get a chrome lined barrel and get an IAC ak47 from atlantic......thats likely what I'll do......

Anyone on here have one of those?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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