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I, out of curiosity, spent a lot of money in a Five Seven pistol-As I shoot at targets and never carry a pistol my intention was never how it would perform on humans.On targets is precise but the trigger pull could be better, the sights are acceptable, but my dissapointment is about the high level of drop the bullet has-At the range I place metal plates at 100 yds and shoot them off hand with a CZ 75 and various 22'pistols, the 9mm barely drops and as the 22 but the 5.7 round falls short at least 4 yds if shot straight at the center of the target, quite frankly I though it would fly better, its almost like a .45 at that range-Maybe its the ammo they are allowed to sell to civilians, its a Fiocchi with a blue plastic tip-
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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