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It's pretty clear cut, any rifle with a receiver date of 1898 or before need not be logged in any way, no more than you need to log a lamp or a paperweight.

Unless you live in a Communist state like NJ (where I used to live) pre-98's aren't even considered firearms as far as purchasing them.

I am mildly annoyed by over cautious sellers at gun shows that have pre-98 firearms on their table but refuse to sell them without paperwork, but it's their choice, just like it's mine to walk away! it's no big deal to do the forms, etc. but the "cash and carry " convenience of buying say, an 1895 dated Mosin M91 is a plus. If they want me to do paper on a $250 antique M91 I would just as soon not buy it and just get another refurb 91/30 for half that.
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