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anschutz modell match 54 .22 rifle picked up at the flea market today.

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got a anschutz modell match 54 .22 single shot rifle with heavy 27 inch barrel, has big anschutz target rear peep sight,no front sight, three unertl style target blocks, ex bore and made in 1969 serial #762xx. out side con. is a little ratty and will need reblued(glassed beaded i think) to hide little pits. stock has been worked on and not by a expert wood worker. i paid 140.00 for and i know i got a good buy, i just wanted to know how good. thanks eastbank.
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The rear sight is worth twice what you paid! Even in the condition you describe, the rifle is worth $1000+.
Let's just say I wish I could shop where you shopped. Excellent bore is the key.
Gunbroker will show you used Match 54's well under $1,000 in better condition than what you're describing, but for $140.00 it was a still a great buy!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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