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Another "Whats this mark on my 91/30"........

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So I'm pawing over a new item the wife brought home from the FFL in Kotz, and its got some stamp, dang it, I cant decipher.....CAI import, Izvehsk made 1939, tight muzzle, nice bore, no pits, but used and taken care of, no number on the floorplate, with no 'D' but an SA and Finn stock, sweet trigger matching # and font bolt, # is not on knob, but were they ever on a 91/30?

So the letters along the front of the reciver....any clue?? L.P.Gar. sp1919

Just wanna get to know this guy a bit better first, then I'll try shoot it some, when I get time....
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No clue on the first part, but sp1919 is probably the serial number of the rifle, stamped on the receiver when import marked.
Nice rifle, I love the Finn captured 91/30's.
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