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Great stuff. I need a box of that L1A1 ammo just for the label! When that hit the market there was mass confusion----stories of .303 chambered L1A1's.
That sort of thing comes up all the time because people do not understand the the UK's nomenclature. That is to say L1A1 can refer to anything because it is used in the same way as the US MnAn system. As in M1 Rifle (Garand) and M1 Carbine - both M1s but not the same gun or even related.

Similarly, there was a British 7.62mm NATO round L42A1 for target shooting and sniping. It is a total coincidence that it has the same number as the L42A1 Sniper Rifle but people will still insist, incorrectly, that there is a connection.
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