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Any NC private business can post a no CCW logo at their door and you may not bring in a licensed concealed weapon. The original law also provided you may not take one in a business who sales alcohol, school or state university, bank, etc.. Any licensed person who does so can be charged with a felony. A person without such a license and carrying concealed is charged with a misdemeanor on the first such offense and a felony the second time. There are so many ways to end up in more legal trouble, and more seriously charged, with a CCP in NC I elected to not get one.

This is all from memory and from when the license first was permitted. I will review the law and edit where I could have misremembered. Luckily, a provision that required the applicant to get statements of good mental health from all mental health facilities within X miles was struck down pretty early on. I am not sure that would help even if you were nuts, especially if your treatment was in another remote location.

Update. I am more confused than ever but one website, "USA Carry" says you may not carry in any financial institution. I can not find that on the official NC site. As I recall my bank has a no concealed carry sign posted anyway but I use the drive though and rarely go in any more. Any place with such a sign is one of the bigger problems. So many do. On alcohol, one site say its a no no if they sale or allow consumption of alcohol and one says you are prohibited to enter only if there is a no concealed sign and if they are only sale alcohol. Plus, it is also a no no to carry if you pay admission and they both sale and allow consumption. Clear as mud. One thing did seem clear, if you have any alcohol in your system, even a trace, and carry anywhere you are in violation. Therefore going to get a sixpack after you drank your last beer, even one, could be a problem.

Other interesting prohibited places include any building containing state or federal employees. Any state rest area or rest stop(have to lock it in the trunk), any state owned fishing or hunting preserve, any school including private schools, etc..

Also interesting that you may not have a BB, or sharp object, on school property.

I did confirm that a first offender carrying without a permit in most of the prohibited places gets a misdemeanor but a person with a permit gets a felony charge.
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