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I would think that choosing a bank because of a gun issue has got to be very narrow sighted.

I won't go into details about banks and their predetory practises, but a gun issue would not be a issue when it comes to my money.

I would be more concerned with how they handle my money, and the different endless ways they can screw customers.

I could relate a story about Wells Fargo and how they handle accounts for Vets and SS gov. checks that are supposed to be protected by law, from predetor collection agencies. Big stink of illigial activity by the banks and led to the Gov. sanctioned Direct deposit system being put into place. The Direct deposit for gov. checks system protects the gov. checks from seisure, which is law. Because of the practises by WF and collection agencies that ignored the law. This was a nation wide practise by some banks.

But that would take up pages of band width.

Besides, you can always CCW, and no one would know.

Above post about NC having a state law against carrying in a bank is a new one to me. There are no laws like that in any of the Western states that I am aware of.

The most a bank can do is ask you to leave if you carry. Or you can be charged with trespassing. That is all.

CCW in banks is common here. No need to be concerned, all they can do is ask you to leave. But if it doesn't print, how would anyone know you are carrying.

There are some restrictions on Gov. buildings and schools with CCW, and maybe a few more I don't know about. But not on private property like a bank.

We hear this all the time from tourist with CCW in casinos here in L.V.
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