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Another gun show frenzy thread

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My wife and I decided to spend some time at a local casino that was hosting a gun show. We thought we would have a liesurely lunch, gamble a little and have a look around the show.

Ha, fat chance. The line for the show was 50-60 yards long the whole time we were there. According to a guy who came out, the show was small, the aisles were really tight and it was pretty crowded. We decided to give it a miss, and unless I hear that there was some stuff of real interest, I will not be trying tomorrow, either.
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Yeah, but I don't see a ban any time soon. I still don't think there are enough anti-gun votes to pass one. Remember, Democrat does not necessarily mean anti-gun. Granted, it's a lot closer than it has been since 96, but I'm still not seeing it any time in the next 6 months, even if they have the votes. I'm sure there'll be at least 2 more shows previous to that.
How many anti-gun votes does it take for Obama to sign an Executive Order? I bet the same number it took for Bush 41 in 1989.:cool:
Executive orders apply only to FEDERAL agencies, he can tell them not to issue import permits for military stuff, that is all.

Well, duh! Yeah, he could "tell them not to issue import permits for military stuff". That's all? Really? Oh you mean like all military surplus ammo? You mean like all ammo that can be chambered in a dreaded military style assault rifle? You mean rifles like all of the RC 98k's that were imported? You mean like all of the military magazines, parts, and accessories? You mean just little things like that? Brother if that's all an Executive Order can "apply" to that's a big load off my mind! Why didn't you speak up sooner!?

The stuff we are talking about requires act of congress. President along is not enough.
OK, just what specific "stuff" were being discussed in the previous posts?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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