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I just do this for fun......I wrote this to the seller

Dear useridii,

Your helmet is not accurately described .....the naval landing forces pen is a reproduction and the helmet was modified post war ....probably Thai army as indicated by the plethora of holes drilled into it to secure the head band. probably worth 50 to 75 USD good luck on selling it for three hundred...but you might want the accurately describe the item... otherwise it is kind of a fraud

useridii wrote this to me
I didn't know they made those naval pins fake ~ 20 years ago when I bought it? I didnt put it on - and never have taken it off. If the thai's had used it I really wished they had done a better job with a protective finish. Why does it look like bluing?

- useridii

He never changed his listing. beware to the unaware!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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