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Vic and the Crew have been drug through a knot-hole backwards with technical disasters lately and are just pulling things back out of the shell hole and piecing the forum back together hoping to make it even bigger and better than it was pre-IED contact.

This old soldier's forage cap is off to 'em, and I'm planning on sending in a check to help out with the effort as this forum has been a tremendous resource to me as well as about a Division's worth of fellow collectors and shootists over the years.

Yes; they have lost a lot of data, posts, and images - but they are busting their keisters trying to salvage what they can of litterally MILLIONS of posts and pictures from the bottom and re-float them for us.
I for one am more than willing to cut them some slack during the process, and am amazed that they have been able to even keep GB on line after what they've gone through.

Just protecting a forum like this from the constant attacks from hackers and spammers (A LOT of anti gun shrews would love to take us down permanently) is a monumental task and I can only imagine the hassle of having crashing servers and failing HDs piled on top of that mound of cyber manure.

Please read Vic's alert and I for one would hope that you could join your fellow Gunboarders in hanging in there a while longer and helping out as much as you can.

Thanks 4 your patience and understanding, Mate!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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