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Everyone has their own ideas about how and where to put the ideal cache. I live in an urban area and while its not as bad as Detroit, the situation in Detroit has got me thinking. To explain there are neighborhoods there with only a handful of houses left standing. The houses by the dozens get razed, the basements filled in and then all that is left are the streets and sidewalks and vast open grassy areas, block after block, nothing but trees and brush growing up.

It occurred to me that one could purchase a lot in one of these areas for very little, $50 -$100, the property taxes would be very little and then you have a great place to bury something and an excuse to be in the area in the unlikely event a police cruiser happens by. As an alternative, if you already live in an urban area that is going south you might consider caching something in your own yard set up for long term storage. Years later, if you are out of the house, the houses are all gone you could always stop in some time where you used to live to visit 'fluffy's grave' .

Some of these areas are simply deserted, no crime or gangs because nobody lives there, there is nothing to steal or break into, in an attempt to save money the municipalities are 'de-citifying' some areas so they don't have to spend money maintaning infrastructure. An occassional 'fallen lady' or drug deal is about all you have to be wary of. Even if you attract official attention wanting to know what you are doing there, if you own the property, have a copy of the deed with you and haven't buried anything illegal (cause you know they won't show up til you've uncovered the thing) you will probably have a few minutes of explaining to do and then be on your way.

Obviously these are very narrow applications but just another idea.
Disagree. If you're digging in a city you're asking to be viewed. If you're seen, you're caught.
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