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"?Sniper .303" and the Trade Practices Act

Someone had better tell whoever is trying to sell that "Fake" RAN sniper built on a late WW II action that both the Feds (Trade Practices Act 1975) and his local state "Fair Trading" laws will come down on both Him and his Internet provider/web hoster, for "False and Misleading" Advertizing (s. 51 and 75 of the TPA)...

It's not like the USA where anything goes ("Buyer beware--Caveat Emptor"); here in Aust, you try one on like that, and you could find yourself heavily fined by your local State Authority (if you are a private seller) or by the Feds if you are a corporation...and that goes for the medium which carries your advertisement as well...

A word in the guy's ear may get the message through to him... if not, he deserves everything he gets.

Regards, Doc AV
(Wearing my lawyer's wig)
AV Ballistics.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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