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Almost...Each time I have stopped in the shop that has these I have found a Type 53 with a matching bolt but unfortunately this one has a m/m floor plate. As you can see the metal is very good as is the bore. The wood is a bit funky but not too beat up or cracked. This time the owner actually opened up three boxes before he pulled one out that had a matched bolt.. They are out there if you can sort through a few. He also mentioned that he had 6,000 of these sitting in a warehouse in China that he cannot get into the country because of the Clinton ban. OOPs..the receiver pic that is lighter is from another Type 53. Wood Wood stain Hardwood
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Nice! I scored one recently at a Gun Show. Was looking for an M44 and a dealer had just picked one up for himself. I offered to buy it, he said no...but told me he had one at home that wasnt as in good condition. He said he would sell it to me if I came back the next day for $140. So next morning I called him and he apologized telling me he was wrong and the rifle he has was not an M44, but a Type 53. He said he would sell me the rifle for $120.00. It turned out to be an all matching numbers Type 53.
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