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I have seen a few for sale adds in here before, so hopefully this is ok.
I have a S&K no drill/no tap, clamp on scope mount that fits small ring mausers. I have had it on my M96 for a good bit of time, but since I am building a modern rifle in 6.5x55, I no longer want this scope on it. The mount clamps to the reciever and never moved the whole time I used it. The scope is off set just a bit to the left side, 1in rings. The only down side is you have to notch the stock to clear the mount just a bit. But dont worry, I also have a stock already notched I will include. Now before you collectors flame me, I bought the stock from someone online and it was cracked in half in front of the rear band, and the owner did not have the front peice. (I think he said he got it at a gun show) So I re shaped it to the sporter contour and notched it for the scope mount. Now you can simply put your rifle in this stock and keep your original one. You will then be able to put it back to original when ever you want.
S&K sells these brand new for $118. I will sell the mount and the stock for $100 shipped to the lower 48 states. Any questions or if you want pics, just let me know.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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