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G'day mates

my name is Matt i am 18 years old and Currently an Apprentice Mechanic in Queensland, Australia, i finish my Apprenticeship in mid 2010 so in 2011 or so all permitting i wish to come to the United States and Experience your Culture.

i go hunting once a month all permitting and love my Firearms

so my Question is where in the US should i go, North, South, East, West?

i have never been overseas and live in the Out Back, i am a sterio-typical Crocodile Dundee/Crocodile Hunter of am Aussie, so it must be somewhere i could cope with, im always looking for mates abroad to help me out, for example i caught a train for the first time the other week, wouldn't have been able to if my mate didnt help me.

i want it to be a culture experience but im also looking to experience your Firearms culture, if Mr Obama doesnt change anything, what is a good state for gun laws and can a Foreigner obtain a fire arm?

what state is the best for culture (food, entertainment, people etc.)

also just a Character note, i went to an Anglican Private School so im not one to cause trouble or look for it

thanks for all your Help Mates

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Hi Wilhelm.....I have a step-son in Melbourne named Matt....

As for what state you would like, that's a hard one.....Lot's to choose from.
Lots of Aussies in the Southeast believe it or not......Just stay away from the Northeast and can shoot some fun guns in the other states...

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A good Aussie friend of mine went to college in Cal. to learn Gunsmithing a few years back and he says he had his best times as far as guns, shooting and freedom go's was when he lived in New Mexico.
Things may have changed since though.
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