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AMMO: Range report - Hornady 6.5x52 RULES!

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Posted - 09/26/2003 : 5:06:38 PM
FINALLY got to the Police Range today to test the Hornaday. I was elated, four inch groups from the bench at a true 50 yards with my M41 and 91/38 FC. And guys, I shake and am as blind as a bat. Up till now my short rifle has never been very accurate with any ammo SMS included. I also noticed that the action cycles well on this stuff too. They're like new rifles, I can't wait to try it in the moschettos, I'll post results in Alexander's survey at the top. I big thank you to Dave Emary and his company; what great ammo!

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Bill Davis
Posted - 10/03/2003 : 7:01:29 PM
I am sure glad to hear that! After collecting Carcanos for over 20 years, I can finally start SHOOTING them! Thanks for the good report, and I hope there is enough demand for them to keep making this ammo. Winchester made a limited run of ball ammo a few years back-was it "American Eagle" brand?-it came in a small plain white box-Alex will know! Anyway I got all excited until I found out that when the first lot got snapped up, they didn't make any more! I knew all those 6.5 duds I saved would come in handy one day, for the bullets, anyway.

Posted - 10/04/2003 : 06:27:14 AM
From what Gaetano and I have heard, the white-boxed "American Eagle" ammo was contract made by Norma.

Posted - 10/04/2003 : 7:05:06 PM
I have several boxes of American Eagle 6.5 Carcano and it is indeed Norma made. It says so right on the box and on the bottom of the cases. It was distributed however by Federal Cartridge Co. It is loaded with a 139 Grain FMJ "SPITZER" bullet, however it is the undersized .264 Bullet.

Posted - 10/07/2003 : 11:44:58 AM
They made a lot of different calibers I believe.
I have a box(19) of 6,5mm Japanese ammo on stripper clips.
It was Norma as well.

Papa G
Posted - 10/07/2003 : 12:51:10 PM
wouldn't be great if W-W dusted off the CIA contract machinery, and started making correct ammo again!!! of course as more shooting ammo becomes available, the price of Carcanos will rise.
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