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Am I getting scammed ?

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I posted an ad in the WTB section for an M94 stock. I received an offer (emailed, not PMed) from the UK. I was sent some photos of the stock. After a little research I found the same photos on the web from an older auction:

Seller wanted me to wire the cash to him. All sorts of red flags are popping up and I'm thinking I'm getting scammed. Do these pics look familiar ? Is it even legal to own a firearm in the UK these days ?
None of the people who posted in response to my ad had a UK address. Hopefully I'm not getting scammed and this is a mistake, but these days you can't be too carefull.
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I can't believe I fell for it ! Had it not been a bank holiday I would have wired it. Waiting for my wife to come home I did a google search and found the pics. I was so happy to get a stock I guess I was blinded by the obvious.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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