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The Forks of the Delaware Historical Arms Society will hold next show on Oct. 20-21,2007.
Located at the Agricultural Hall at the Allentown Fair Grounds, 17th and Chew Street, Allentown, PA.
Over 800 tables, lots of free parking, food concession stands on premises, Admission is $7.00.
Show time Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-3.
Mainly antique firearms, but some modem and mil-surp.
Never know what will turn up!
I'll be set up Row A tables 4-5. Have mil-surp accessories, antique gun tools,bayonets,slings,muzzle covers, Mosin Nagant M1891 cleaning rods. Stop by and take a look, you might find somthing you like.

Next show:

Dec. 1-2, 2007

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